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Top 60 Passive Income Ideas

40)  Yield Farming

At the time of this writing, the biggest trend in decentralized finance is "yield farming," which is just a quick way of saying strategies that involve temporarily placing your cryptocurrency into various DeFi applications...

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39) Rent Out Your Attic

We’re entering an era in which more and more people are moving out of cramped up, city neighboorhoods and into the open spaces of the suburbs. They may not realize it yet, but an opportunity has just presented itself...

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Rustic Interior Design

38) Take Easy Quizzes About Crypto

There will be many articles listed on this blog covering new and innovative ways to make easy money with cryptocurrency, including staking coins and DEFI applications. However, many of these methods require...

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Paying by Phone

37) Rent Out Your Couch

At this point, nearly everyone has heard of Airbnb, the peer-to-peer vacation rental online marketplace. We've already written how you can earn solid passive income by renting out a room to a traveler...

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Coffee Table

36) Rent Out Your Computer's GPU


We wrote a post on how you can make easy money renting out your computer's bandwidth. Today, we're going to show you how to rent out an even more valuable asset- your GPU, which stands for Graphics processing unit...

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Powerful Computer

35) Sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)


There's been wonderous innovations created by the surge of popularity in blockchain. Of course this includes decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. However, a very niche market is growing...

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34) View Ads on a Safe Browser

If politics and the ongoing pandemic have taught us anything, it's that the internet owns us. It has used our biases against us. Whether it's by Facebook, Google or any other platform, algorithms and artificial intelligence have...

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33) Rent Out Your RV

Achieving financial freedom is on most people's minds nowadays, especially with unemployment rates at record highs at the time of this writing. Besides this, many people have used this time to explore the country....

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RV in Dessert

32) Flip Antiques, Electronics & More

If you look around a bit, you'll find you can flip just about anything for a profit. With online platforms like Ebay and Amazon, it's easier than ever to find someone willing to pay more for your item than you did...

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Antique briefcases and hats

31) Flip Websites

If you think flipping houses was profitable, wait till you hear about flipping websites. What does it mean to flip a website? You ask? Let’s discuss this and why it can potentially be such a lucrative stream of money...

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Website Design

30) Airdrops

It doesn't take much reading on here to learn the many ways to make money with cryptocurrencies. One of the least known ways among newbies is through airdrops...

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29) Lease Out Billboards

Owning and leasing out a billboard can be a very profitable business. You can easily charge rent to advertisers every month for your billboard. The bigger it is, the more money you will make each month...

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Blank Billboard

28) Rent Out Drones

The best assets to rent out are ones that are compact, valuable and require expertise to use them. Assets like these make owners a lot more money. With all that in mind, it's hard to imagine you doing better than drones...

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27) ATM Machines

Owning an ATM (short for automated teller machine) can be an excellent low maintenance, mostly-passive way to make solid income. These machines offer a perfect side hustle that can be done by just about anyone...

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26) 3-D Printing


Used by businesses and hobbyists alike, 3D printing is the construction of a three-dimensional object from a digital 3D model. The allure of 3D printers is that you can create nearly any item with...

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3D Printer
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25) Flip Freelance Services

Globization has provided a myraid of ways to profit and make consistent money. The most obvious ways are by importing/ exporting goods and of course, dropshipping. In fact, we earlier wrote how you can create...

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24) Sell Cash-Secured Puts

We've written about the allure of making money selling covered call options. Honestly, this is how I make half my income. However, there is another derivative I prefer even more. That would be selling put options...

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

23) Use AI for Trade Ideas

In a previous post, we wrote about the myraid of ways we can earn money using AI (artificial intelligence). One of those ways was using an AI stock market analysis platform called Trade Ideas...

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22) Tesla Robotaxi Network

Not long before the pandemic reared its ugly head, the brilliant, serial entrepreneur Elon Musk promised to roll out an Uber-like service enabled by self-driving Tesla vehicles. According to Musk, Tesla owners could expect to earn up to...

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Image by Vlad Tchompalov

21) Rent Out Your Home for Filming

There are many ways to build wealth with home ownership. In fact, we've written about the most passive ways including through rental properties, AirBNB rentals and the lesser known non-traded real estate investment trusts...

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