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Use A.I. to Analyze the Stock Market for Passive Income

In a previous post, we wrote about the myraid of ways we can earn money using AI (artificial intelligence). One of those ways was using an AI stock market analysis platform called Trade Ideas. Its AI powered software is arguably the best out there. It helps traders find the best trading ideas currently in the market by tracking every stock and ETF in real-time. It can easily identify opportunities everyone else is missing. No human can watch every stock and ETF in the space, so anyone using this platform has a giant advantage. Keep reading to find out how you can use this incredible tool.

Why Use A.I. Driven Products?

Altough A.I. driven products aren’t quite ready to completely replace the human touch in trading, they already augur the end of relying solely on human judgment for investing . There is no disputing the utility of A.I. powered investment products. They are designed to scan an exponentially larger market space than a human with the goal of identifying compelling trading opportunities. They identify securities with positive traits that might generate above average returns. After forecasting these future events, algorithms use this data to derive returns. These algorithmic predictions are especially attractive for newbies, and can be used by experienced traders willing to check the results with their own eyes.

AI driven products will continue to spawn across the financial markets, just as it has been in other markets. As computers and the software they run become more powerful, startups and established firms alike are developing products powered by artificial intelligence. One such leader in the financial space is Trade Ideas, an advanced, AI-powered investing tool for the stock market.

Boost Your Profits

Trade Ideas aims to boost your profitability. This powerful program is backed by award winning algorithmic trading services to help you capitalize on the ever changing stock market. It covers a broad spectrum of the financial market.

Its A.I. powered robo-adviser (named Holly) consists of many different investment algorithms subjected nightly to millions of trading scenarios to arrive at a subset with the highest probability of profit in the next market session. Holly observes technical indicators like RSI, MACD, and ADX, and even an AOI (Automated optical inspection) of the prevailing trends to capture optimal trades. It will also take into account the current market conditions, as well as everything from fundamental to social signals. When the market opens, up to eight trading strategies with the highest win rate will be shown to the user, even displaying when to enter and exit these trades.

More Features include:

1) Practice with Simulated Trading. With proper feedback from the AI, traders quickly see what actions lead to reward and where there are mistakes that need to be corrected before trading for real.

2) Compare Count Window. Multiple windows are opened on the page, enabling users a visual comparison of any two strategies. With real-time updates, you can observe which strategy is being used more often.

3) Event Based backtesting. Trade Ideas can help you design and back-test your trading strategy to see how well scans, entry signals, and trading plans performed over recent history. By optimizing parameters, you can further improve trading strategy results.

4) Channel Bar. You'll have various preconfigured layouts to choose from, organized by channel themes—like Premarket hours, After Hours, Social, Cryptocurrency and much more.

How Much Does it Cost?

How much would you pay for a virtual research analyst that never sleeps, that analyzes a vast amount of data across millions of possible trades every night to find you the ones with the highest probability of profit?

At this time, Trade Ideas currently offers two subcription models and one free demo model. The paid plans are the Standard subscription and the other is the Premium subscription. All are recurring and can be cancelled at any time. Refunds are issued for the month if they are requested within 5 calendar days from the original date purchased.

The main difference between the two subscriptions is that you get these extra features in the Premium Plan:

  • A.I. Virtual Trading Analyst—Holly

  • Chart Based A.I. Trade Assistance

  • Entry and Exit Signals

  • Risk Assessment

  • Build and Backtest any Trade Idea

  • Autotrade w/ Brokerage Plus and A.I.

If you decide on the premium plan, you have the option of making Holly's suggested trades yourself, or having Holly execute the trades for you via an auto-trading module that enables automatic trades within your brokerage account.

If You Are a Serious Day Trader...

If you are a serious day trader and have the means to pay for a premium plan, I recommend it. Once you consider the time you're saving and start seeing solid, consistent returns, you'll realize investing in their monthly plan was definitely worth it. In addition, over time Holly will improve because that's what all artificial intelligence does. It learns.



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