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How to Get Paid $100/Day as a Virtual Friend – Top 5 Friendship Renting Websites

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Do you enjoy talking with and helping others? With so many people feeling isolated and lonely these days, your friendship has value. You can get paid to be a virtual companion or friend by using specialized friendship renting platforms.

Being a rented friend provides the flexibility to make money chatting from anywhere. You set your own hours, rates, and services offered. Income reports range from $20 to over $100 per hour! In this post, I’ll overview the top 7 websites to find paying virtual friendship gigs and start making $100 a day:

RentAFriend connects people looking for companionship with virtual and in-person friends for hire. You can offer services like:

  • Virtual friends – Video chat, text chat, phone calls

  • Local city guides – Show travelers around

  • Event companions – Attend events together

  • Activity friends – Play sports/games together

  • Dating assistants – Act as a wingman/wingwoman

RentAFriend has over 600,000 registered friendship providers in over 100 countries. Top virtual friends report earning over $2,000 per week, or $100,000+ per year!

Typical rates range from $20 to $50 per hour. To get started, create a free profile highlighting your interests and preferences. Set your own schedule and offer the services you feel comfortable providing.


  • Flexible opportunities

  • Huge global platform

  • Anonymity for safety


  • Income varies greatly

  • Must meet some clients in-person

  • Requires strong communication skills

With its massive reach, RentAFriend is ideal for making top-tier income from virtual friendship services.

2) Fiverr Friendships

Surprisingly, Fiverr has an entire friendship subcategory. Services offered include:

  • Virtual friends – Text, chat, video calls

  • Relationship advice – Love and life coaching

  • Professional bridesmaid – Be a bridesmaid for hire

  • Stand-in boy/girlfriend – Pose as someone’s partner

The average rate for friendship gigs on Fiverr is around $25 per hour. By providing 4 one-hour services per day, you can make $100 daily. The process is simple – just create gigs describing your services and availabilities. Fiverr features built-in messaging and payment processing.


  • Established marketplace

  • Wide variety of friendship offerings

  • Low barrier to entry site


  • Can be difficult to stand out

  • Potentially low pay starting out

  • Impersonal compared to niche sites

If you want to get started quickly, Fiverr provides instant access to friendship income.

At you provide companionship exclusively through chat and video calls. Customers include seniors, people with disabilities, and those simply seeking a listening ear. As a cyber-friend, you’re paid to lend emotional support, advice, and attentive conversation. Rates typically range from $15 to $50 per hour. The site takes a 20% commission on earnings.


  • No experience required

  • Easy startup process

  • Set your own schedule


  • Can be emotionally draining

  • Lots of competition

  • Challenging to attract clients initially

If you find fulfillment supporting others through conversation, RentACyberFriend is ideal. Just be ready for some emotional labor.

One of the newest players, Friendzy launched in 2022 and already has over 100,000 users. It matches people for friendship, advice, consults, and unique services like psychic readings. You create an online profile and charge hourly rates ranging from $5 to $150. Customers can contact you via real-time chat, video calls, and file sharing.


  • Modern vibe and features

  • Very fast growing platform

  • Low barrier to entry


  • Still early stage – unknown long term reliability

  • Some privacy concerns reported

Friendzy brings an innovative spin on connecting friends for pay. Worth exploring while still fresh and booming.

5) TalkSpace

Talkspace connects you with a steady stream of clients seeking mental health support. As an active listener and coach, you provide text, audio, and video chat therapy.

After undergoing vetting and training, you’re paid an average of $25-$35 per hour. Top performers easily clear $100 daily working part time hours.


  • Established brand

  • Specialized mental health training

  • Large client base


  • Rigorous onboarding process

  • Can be emotionally draining

  • Client no-shows

With training to provide ethical, compassionate care, Talkspace unlocks high income potential in the virtual therapy field.

Getting Started as a Paid Virtual Friend

As you can see, multiple platforms provide opportunities to generate income through virtual friendship. Some key tips for getting started:

  • Pick sites aligned with your interests – general vs specialized, local vs virtual, etc.

  • Undergo any required vetting or ID verification to access opportunities

  • Create compelling profiles highlighting your skills, knowledge, and interests

  • Set competitive but reasonable hourly rates given platform and services

  • Define parameters like availability, conversation topics/boundaries, etc.

  • Respond promptly to booking inquiries and provide exceptional service

The most successful rented friends earn top dollar by nurturing genuine connections with clients. Focus on listening, understanding, and adding value. Combine multiple friendship platforms to diversify income streams. The flexibility allows you to work as much or as little as desired.

Is Paid Virtual Friendship Right For You?

Before diving in, reflect on these considerations:

  • Are you a compassionate, engaged listener?

  • Do you feel comfortable chatting with strangers online?

  • Can you set healthy boundaries and manage emotional labor?

  • Are you reliable and responsive to client needs?

  • Do you have a private, quiet workspace for calls?

If you answered yes, your caring nature has monetary value. Turn your friendship into profit on leading rent-a-friend platforms.


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