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Top 60 Passive Income Ideas

60)  Rent Out Your Backyard

If you have access to a sizable yard, you should consider renting it out for money. The most notable way to create a passive income stream from your backyard is by renting it out to campers...

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Campers in Woods

59) Rent Out Bodies of Water

You may have heard about water rights, but if not, here's the deal: you invest in a Water Right to use a particular source of water (like a lake, river or underground aquifer). You can then charge companies and governments...

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58) Racehorse Shares

Personally, I didn't know this was even a thing until my father became one of over 5,000 shareholders of the racing horse, Authentic earlier this year. Amazingly, Authentic wound up winning this year's 146th Kentucky Derby and my father...

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Horse Race

57) Buy Future Music Royalties

Living comfortably doesn't always have to be the goal of creating passive income. Sometimes, it's simply about covering a utility bill. Perhaps it's about not wasting time agonizing over bills....

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Mixing Music

56) Rent Out Construction Equipment


Developers of apartment buildings and other projects often don't own their own construction equipment, including cranes. This is because they only need cranes for a limited time- the length of time it takes to complete their project...

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Construction Site
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55) Sell Solar Energy Back to Grid


When you buy a solar energy system, whether it be an entire home or just panels on the roof, the electric company becomes your partner. The utility company must sign a contract with you before you can break ground on your system...

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Solar Eclipse

54) Wrapped Bitcoin

As you should know by now, decentralized finance (DeFi) has gained a lot of traction among investors in 2020. In fact, the ecosystem now has over 1 million unique Ethereum addresses, which is more than a tenfold increase from a year ago...

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53) Rent Out a Boat

Just like renting out a car using the platform Getaround, you can also rent boats out and make substantial money. I know a fellow investor who knows very little about boats, but decided to...

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Sail Boat

52) Startups

Owning a stake in a business you believe in can be a rewarding experience. Not just in making a lot of money, but also for personal happiness knowing you're supporting something you're likely passionate about...

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51) Flip Raw Vacant Land

While flipping houses has been all the rage, flipping land is actually far more passive and profitable. Other advantages of flipping land include less costs, less taxes and less headache. Considering raw land is substantially less expensive than...

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Open Field

50) Yearn Vaults

In a previous post, we talked about Yield Farming, which basically entails hunting down the most yield offered by various DeFi (decentralized finance) platforms. As profitable as that has been for some investors...

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Analyzing Graphs

49) Crowdfund Farmland

There's been several posts on this blog regarding crowdsourcing real estate. However, this post is in regards to a more niche corner of the market. Farmland. AcreTrader crowdfunds the purchase of active farmland...

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Farm Field

48) Vending Machines

Vending machines have been around for many decades, and while most of us haven't even seen one lately, they will continue to be around in hotels, barber shops, gyms, building complexes, everywhere...

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Snack Vending Machines

47) Advertise with your Car

Many of us at one time or another have seen cars with stickers on them advertising a product, a store, a service, etc. If you want to consistently make a chunk of extra money every month...

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Cars in the City

46) Invest Your Spare Change


Remember the old days when people collected physical spare change into piggy banks? Like pennies and nickels. We still do that of course, but with so much of our purchases now happening digitally...

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Calculate Savings
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45) Display Ads with Google Adsense


There are countless ways to create money with advertising, but the most common way among content creators is through google. Google Adsense has been around since nearly the beginning of the internet's birth...

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44) Invest in Businesses w/ Worthy Bonds

An investment opportunity can be a one-two punch of diversification if it makes you solid money and if it's not too correlated with the traditional markets like the stock market...

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Store Front

43) Automated Trading Bots

Trading bots are essentially automated programs that connect to a user's exchange to makes trades on their behalf. They function by using indicators and signals, such as variations of moving averages...

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Stock Market Quotes

42) Liquidity Pools

It's an interesting time to be alive. With DeFi (decentralized finance) and cryptocurrency, there are more ways than ever to make passive income. Liquidity pools are yet another great opportunity...

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41) Rent Out Your Car

If you’re searching for creative ways to earn extra passive money, why not turn your vehicle into a money-making machine? Getaround is essentially the Airbnb of cars, meaning you can rent out your car...

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Shiny Black Car
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