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How to Make Passive Income Advertising With Your Car

Many of us at one time or another have seen cars with stickers on them advertising a product, a store, a service, etc. If you want to consistently make a chunk of extra money every month, you may want to jump on this bandwagon. In regards to income, simply attaching an advertisement to your car is about as passive it gets. If you like driving a lot, even better. This post will show you how to provide advertisers a space on your car in return for consistent monthly income; and you might not have to spend a dime.

Why Advertise with Your Car?

Besides having to own a vehicle, this is a money-making opportunity that usually requires no investment and is easy to set up. This is different than most of the posts on this site, in which the ideas presented require some kind of investment, even if it's just your time. The demand for car drivers by advertisers is quite high as well. Nielsen's 2019 out-of-home advertising report showed wrapped vehicles as "the most noticed medium on the road". So it's a win-win situation for both advertising companies and vehicle owners. Follow the steps below to begin selling advertising space on your car to make passive income.

Find the Right Car Advertising Platform

First off, you don't want to try to do this without the experienced platforms out there to help you streamline the process. Each of them offer very distinct services and not all them may click with you. This doesn't just include what advertisers they will connect you with or the locations available, it also includes the way you are paid. For instance, some platforms pay you monthly, while others are more commission based.

Using these established sites in the "car wrap" space also helps you avoid the scams that are out there. Not to mention, their experience makes the set-up process easy. Their teams of professional installers put the decal on your car and take it off at the end of each campaign. These car wraps are safe for your vehicle and its paint.

The following are the best of these well-known sites:

1) Wrapify. Trusted by companies like Pepsi and Google, Wrapify is a performance-driven ad tech platform for brands powered by OOH and the gig-economy. Wrapify says you can earn hundreds of dollars per month, about $450 on average. With its advanced online dashboard, you can measure your impressions and drive your performance‑driven marketing efforts in a cross channel environment.

2) Carvertise. Used often by high-mileage drivers of Doordash and Grubhub, Carvertise creates eye-catching exposure with target customers to build brand awareness and increase sales. Since 2012, Carvertise has helped top national brands reach their "target consumers in ways that are memorable, effective, and proven."

3. StickerRide. With the aim of making vehicle-owning more profitable, Stickeride is a mobile app for drivers wanting to earn substantial money through advertisements. With recommendation algorithms, Stickeride will help you earn money based on your trips and driving style. In addition, if you drive 200 kilometers in "Drive mode," you'll get a personal discount on motor insurance. All you have to do is choose the slick design for your car and the anti-gravel film will protect the body from any damage.

Requirements and Pay

Keep in mind, there are some requirements that need to be met before a company would agree to wrap your car for free. Each of the platforms above will have their own requirements, but all of them will require you to be an active driver of legal age, have full auto insurance and a clean drivers license.

This depends largely on the advertiser you'll team up with, but you will have to agree to keep the ad wrap on your car for the entire duration of the contract. This contract will also specify a minimum mileage of driving, specifically in areas with potentially high levels of traffic. Obviously the more eyeballs on your vehicle, the better. Nowadays, to ensure these requirements are met, advertisers will even install a GPS on your car if you don't already have one. However, they won't require any new specific routes. You can just drive wherever you would on a typical day.

How much you get paid depends on several factors. This includes the advertiser you choose, the size of the ad stickers on your vehicle and the distance you drive on a weekly/monthly basis. For instance, with full wraps all over your car, Wrapify might pay you $600 per month. You will get paid either through commission payment plans or non-commission plans. They mean exactly what they sound like, with non-commission payment plans being a fixed amount of money; and commission plans being a more flexible system.

How to Sign Up to Advertise Your Car

Signing up is usually free, but some platforms do request a membership fee afterwards. So be sure to read the fine print. In most cases, you just need to fill out a form with questions to help them gauge whether you're a suitable candidate. To be accepted and connected with an advertiser, you must meet the requirements above. If you are accepted, most companies will install the advertising wrap themselves for free. However, there are a few instances where they might require you to install it yourself. But not to worry; this is usually for smaller wraps and stickers that are easy to set up using their instructions.

After signing the contract that outlines your obligations, you are ready to hit the road. As mentioned earlier, these obligations include distances and busy locations. The advertiser won't pay you unless you meet your end of the deal. The GPS will tell most of the story for them.

Scale Up

Income doesn't get more passive than this. All you have to do is carry the advertisement on your car and drive around as you normally would. Do this and you'll get paid hundreds on a monthly basis. While the pay range can vary quite a bit, it's not unheard of to scale-up to make even more money. For instance, if you have a fleet of wrapped cars being rented out by peers using Getaround, you might be able to live off of this passive income.

Another feature of this opportunity is how little time is necessary to get started. As long as your regular routes are in high traffic areas, your application should be accepted in a timely manner. The only real risk in this industry is that there's quite a few scams posing as real platforms, so I recommend you stick with the established sites mentioned earlier.


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