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Generating Passive Income by Copying Expert Traders on eToro / A Review

Tired of working a traditional 9 to 5 job? Passive income offers an intriguing alternative by earning money from assets that require minimal regular effort to maintain. While many think passive income requires having extensive capital upfront or owning real estate, the rise of fintech apps now opens new possibilities for generating hands-off cash flow. Platforms like eToro and allow beginners to earn passive income from financial markets by copying the trades of experienced investors. This removes the need to learn trading yourself.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

- How eToro copy trading works

- The benefits and risks of copy trading

- How to find and evaluate top traders

- Step-by-step instructions to start copying traders

- Tips to maximize your passive income

What is eToro Copy Trading?

eToro is an online trading platform that makes trading stocks, ETFs, currencies, crypto and more simple for beginners.

But unlike other platforms like Robinhood or Webull, eToro also allows users to automatically copy the trades of experienced investors.

Here’s how copy trading works:

1. Experienced eToro traders share their live portfolio and document their track record over time.

2. Investors review trader profiles and statistics to find top performers in line with their goals.

3. Investors allocate a copy trading portfolio to mirror select traders’ positions automatically.

4. When traders buy or sell assets, the same proportional trades execute in your portfolio.

5. You gain or lose as a percentage of what the copied trader earns from their trades.

6. The investor handles no trades themselves - they “set and forget”.

This removes the need to learn markets or develop trading skills. You essentially outsource trading decisions to professionals based on track record.

It provides a passive investing approach bound to the success and risk management of experienced traders you follow. But how do you pick the best traders to copy?

Choosing Profitable Traders to Follow

The key to success in copy trading lies in carefully screening traders and assessing their track records. You want to follow investors who've consistently demonstrated solid returns and responsible risk management.

Here are the most important factors to evaluate:

- Total gain percentage over time

- Max drawdown/worst losing period

- Risk score and risk management metrics

- Win rate percentage

- Gain consistency and volatility

- Calmar and Sharpe ratios

- Assets under management

- Social engagement and following on the platform

Total Gain Percentage

The total percentage gain represents a trader’s profitability over time. Look for traders with gains of 100% or higher over a multi-year period. Be wary of huge gains over short periods though, as risky trading creates unsustainable results.

Max Drawdown

Max drawdown reflects a trader’s biggest historical loss from peak before recovering. Look for max drawdowns under 40%. High max drawdowns mean they take significant risks.

Risk Score

eToro assigns all traders a 1-10 risk score. Stick with very conservative traders in the 3-5 range using sound risk management. Avoid “high risk” traders.

Win Rate Percentage

The win rate percentage measures what portion of trades end profitably. Look for win rates over 60%. Win rates help gauge consistency.

Gain Consistency

Analyze the equity curve and monthly statements. Look for relatively consistent gains rather than wild swings. Avoid traders with huge volatile returns.

Calmar and Sharpe Ratios

These ratios measure return amounts vs risk taken. The higher the better – you want high returns with low volatility and drawdowns.

Followers and AUM

Look for experienced traders with hundreds to thousands of copiers and millions in assets under management (AUM). More followers and higher capital means others have validated their results.

By evaluating multiple performance metrics and risk factors, you can zero in on traders likely to achieve consistent returns while responsibly managing risk.

Benefits of Copy Trading on eToro

Copy trading provides appealing benefits for income seekers:

- Passive income potential - Generate cash flow without hands-on trading effort. Assets compound.

- Low minimum investment - eToro allows copying with only $200 startup capital.

- Low fees - The platform has no management fees - you pay only spread/commission costs.

- Automated selling - Open trades are sold proportionally if a copied trader exits.

- Instant liquidation - Withdraw your invested capital and accumulated gains at any time.

- Minimal time requirements - Spend a few minutes per month reviewing performance.

- Beginner-friendly investing - Invest simply based on trader track records and expertise.

- High returns possible - Traders can achieve far higher returns than conventional buy and hold strategies.

By removing the need to actively trade or select investments, copy trading provides easy passive income potential from financial markets even for total beginners.

Risks and Downsides of Copy Trading

However, copy trading does come with some downsides to consider:

- The platform lacks FDIC insurance that protects bank deposits. You could lose your investment if eToro fails.

- Traders you follow can have prolonged losing streaks just like any investor. There are no guarantees.

- Some fraudulent traders falsify track records, perform front running, or falsely misrepresent AUM and copiers. Conduct due diligence.

- Traders can stop sharing updates or change strategies suddenly. Monitor portfolio changes.

- Copy trading amplifies mistakes or risks taken by traders you follow. Use prudent capital allocation.

- Be prepared to see portfolio fluctuations. Stick with traders invested in line with your risk tolerance.

- Tax reporting can be complicated for active traders with perpetual buys/sells. Be organized.

With appropriate caution taken selecting quality traders, eToro copy trading provides a legitimate passive income strategy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Copy Trading on eToro

Ready to get started? Here is the complete process for generating passive income via eToro copy trading:

Step 1 - Open an eToro Account

Visit and click “Join Now”. Provide your name, email, and create a password. Confirm your account via the email link.

Step 2 - Complete Account Verification

eToro will require ID verification to withdraw funds. Provide a copy of your passport/drivers license, proof of address, and phone number confirmation.

Step 3 - Deposit Funds

Make an initial deposit via bank transfer or e-wallet services like Neteller. $200 minimum is needed to start copying. Bigger accounts earn higher percentage gains.

Step 4 - Access CopyTrader

Click “Copy People” in your account menu. This opens the CopyTrader dashboard to view top traders and start copying.

Step 5 - Filter Traders

Use filters to screen traders by geographic region, risk score, assets traded, profitability, track record length, minimum to copy, and more.

Step 6 - Analyze Traders

Vet statistics like gain percentage, max drawdown, risk metrics, followers etc. Check public profiles for strategy info. Avoid traders with limited history.

Step 7 - Build Your Portfolio

Add traders that fit your goals to your copy portfolio. Most investors follow 3-5 traders diversified by strategy, asset class, etc. to spread risk.

Step 8 - Allocate Capital

Assign allocation percentages to each trader to weight your portfolio as desired. You can also set maximum loss limits for each trader.

Step 9 - Copy Trades

Click “copy” and trades will automatically place proportionally in your account as your copied traders execute trades on their end.

Step 10 - Monitor Performance

Log in periodically to monitor copied trade results and update allocations as needed. End copy relationships with significant underperformers. Withdraw income regularly.

Following this process consistently, and being prudent with capital allocation, can steadily grow your passive income from financial markets.

Maximizing Passive Income from Copy Trading on eToro

A few final pro tips to optimize results as an eToro copy trader:

- Don’t risk more than 1-2% of capital per trader. Smaller positions size limits risk. Reinvest gains to compound earnings.

- Use eToro’s Stop Loss function to exit all trades if a trader drops 10-15% to contain losses. Monitor loss limits.

- Copy long-standing users with hundreds of copiers/high AUM. Avoid traders open less than 1 year or with limited data.

- Copy traders operating in diverse geographic markets for global diversification. Mix technical and fundamental strategists.

- Look for traders actively managing their portfolio. Avoid inactive accounts or traders not placing trades.

- Copy multiple traders to smooth volatility. Adjust portfolio monthly based on trailing performance.

- Don’t rush into copying based on marketing stats. Vet track records thoroughly. quality over quantity.

- Keep 50%+ of capital as cash to add to outperformers. Don't invest your full account immediately.

- Withdraw consistent income from the account while reinvesting principal. Don't let gains build up unrealized.

As with any trading strategy, long term performance comes from prudent risk management and diversification. But the heavy lifting of picking assets and timing trades is done for you.

Let your money work for itself on autopilot by copying the best eToro traders in just minutes a month. Compounding gains can grow your passive income substantially over time.


eToro provides an accessible entry point to generate passive income from financial markets, even with minimal capital or experience. By copy trading top investors, you can grow wealth hands-off in line with their proven performance and risk management skill. Just be sure to evaluate traders thoroughly, allocate capital conservatively, withdraw income regularly, and monitor results consistently. Applied prudently, copy trading can steadily build your passive income and freedom.


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