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How to Make Income Renting out RVs and Airstreams

Achieving financial freedom is on most people's minds nowadays, especially with unemployment rates at record highs at the time of this writing. Besides this, many people have used this time to explore the country. They're renting RVs and airstreams and hitting the road. In fact, this may be the best time ever to be in this business, since the potential money you can make renting out your RV is quite large. This post will show you how and which platforms are best to streamline your business model, whether it's a side hustle or a full-time hustle.

Rent out your RV via rvshare

RV lending and renting is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. It enables families to venture out and travel wherever they want, while saving money on dining and accommodations. Plus it reduces the number of cars and traffic in a community.

Rvshare is like Airbnb, except instead of traditional homes, Rvshare helps you share your Recreational Vehicles for profit. Instead of letting your RV rest in the garage collecting dust, you can rent it out and earn a considerable amount of extra money. You can use this extra income to improve your life, pay for necessities, or even better-- buy another RV. Many entrepreneurs have created whole fleets of RVs they rent out on a continuous basis.

To get your RV spitting out green on rvshare, you need to list it on their website. To do this, simply visit rvshare and click the "List your RV" option that is in the top right corner of their homepage. You will then be redirected to another page where you will have to input your personal details and the details of your RV. Your RV will then be listed, and potential clients will contact you if they are interested.

With RV Share, you can make up to a sweet $300 per day! Of course, this depends on many factors- including the type of RV you have, its condition, market conditions, etc. All you need to do is make sure you take clear photos of your RV and enter as many details about it as you can to attract potential customers.

Rent out your RV via Outdoorsy

RVshare may be the most popular RV renting platform out there, but they have competition. Other players like outdoorsy are rapidly gaining momentum. Similar to rvshare, outdoorsy also allows people who own RVs to list them on their platform and rent them out for quick cash.

To list your RV on Outdoorsy, simply visit their website and click the "list your RV" option on their main menu. You will then be requested to input details about yourself and the RV you intend to rent out. After filling in the information, your RV will be listed on the website for your many potential customers. With outdoorsy, you can make $25,000 per year based on the type of RV you have, its condition, and market conditions. Not bad, right?

How about a Fleet?

By using either of the two platforms above, you can make yourself a hefty amount of extra income by simply renting out your RV. It's a wonderful idea for passive income, especially in today's socioeconomic and public health climate. There's so much flexibility in this space. You can even turn this into a full-time business by renting out a fleet of RVs, or even do an arbitrage by renting RVs at a smaller cost before renting them out a higher rate on the above platforms. However, do your due diligence. Investigate and gain knowledge on all the types of RVs out there, and what's best for you and these platforms.

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