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How to Create Passive Income by Owning ATM Machines

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Owning an ATM (short for automated teller machine) can be an excellent low maintenance, mostly-passive way to make solid income. These machines offer a perfect side hustle that can be done by just about anyone. In addition, if you run enough ATMs, they can be a full-time business providing more substantial money. ATM operators make income off the transaction fees added to every withdrawal made by customers. This predetermined fee is charged to the customer, ranging anywhere from $1 up to several dollars, depending on the amount of traffic and demand at the location. Read on to learn more about this opportunity.

A Great Business

This is a great business for someone who wants a simple, low-maintenance way to make money. In addition, there’s very low risk since almost anyone can start this business and ATMs are in demand in many areas. Annual income can be as much as $60,000+ per year by just running a few machines in locations where people are always coming by for help with their transactions.

In addition, this business requires no previous experience in order to get started. You do not need any kind of formal education or training. You can set up a single ATM and earn profits right away, but if you want to expand, then there is obviously a need for that. As with any business or venture, you will have to work hard and make sure that your ATM machines are always operating and customers are happy with your services. This can be especially important if one machine is having technical issues. We recommend starting with just one or two ATMs at first so that you get used to how the business works before expanding into this side income opportunity.

What's the Startup Cash and Capital Requirements?

You don't need a deep pocket to get started. For this, you'll need to pay for the initial purchase of an ATM machine (there is no upfront cost since it's sold as "installed".) As well, you'll need cash or business credit to buy additional machines and finance them to start making money. You'll also need some working capital, meaning money in hand that you can use to purchase equipment and run your business. This may take a while before you'll see any income from running ATMs. You can check individual ATM income from certain machines on the main website of the company that sells it to you.

If you're operating the ATM too, your active responsibilities are to maintain electricity and internet connections, cleaning and washing all surfaces and servicing hardware if there are any issues with it. There may be times where you'll have to replenish cash or service bills for the machine. But as long as you're keeping it clean and working properly, you should be able to get a lot of use out of your investment. The more you have the better. More ATMs mean more income.

How to choose an ATM?

The easiest way to find ATMs to buy is to go online and do a search. You can also check out local online classifieds to find these machines and get them installed in your business or rental properties. You'll need to read up on all the different models and brands of ATMs available. Some ATMs work with your iPhone, Android phone or iPad while others use a website that you can access from your computer. Choose one based on how many people use it at a given time during the day.

You should also consider what you're going to do with the machine after it's been paid for and installed. Are you going to keep it in your business or rent it out? Renting out ATMs are generally more expensive than owning since maintenance costs and insurance are higher in this case, but you'll also have full control over a location since it's not being rented from a third party. Once again, this will require capital money in hand or cash flow from other sources so that you can cover these cost if anything happens. Even if you decide to rent an ATM, it's a good idea to have one or two ATMs in your rental agreement. This will allow you to diversify your income and help keep profits flowing even if there’s a problem with any one machine.

For a variety of purchasing options from the nation's top ATM manufacturers, visit these websites:,,,, and

Large or small, high-tech or not, they will assist you with your business. Their professional staff can assess your needs and recommend solutions.

Diversify Income Streams

Start off small and build. Buy ATM machines and install them in locations where you can easily service customers. This is a low-risk startup business that anyone can start up today. This idea has been around for years. ATM business owners generate profits month after month, quarter after quarter without having to do much work or maintenance once the initial setup is complete. It's also very good for those with limited capital funds, since relatively little upfront costs are needed compared to the profits you'll soon collect on a consistent basis.

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