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How to Use AAVE to Create Outstanding Yield by Lending and Borrowing Crypto

At the time of this writing, crypto prices have plunged by a considerable amount. Coins like Cardano and Ethereum are down over 30-50% from their all time highs! If you're like me and believe this is just a temporary nosedive in the middle of a bull market, then you may be anxious to buy the dip. However, many of us aren't willing to allocate too much of our precious funds to such a volatile asset class. So what can we do?

Well there's good news. In this new age of decentralized finance, there are many many options. Decentralized finance (or sometimes called DeFi) has enabled us to borrow and lend money directly from each other with no middlemen. This results in highly favorable yields.

In addition, with crypto prices this low, you can also borrow crypto in hopes of quick appreciation to add to this yield. And better yet, with the #1 DeFi application Aave, you can earn an extra yield just for borrowing. In other words, GET PAID TO BORROW! How is this possible? Well at the moment, Aave has special programs that reward users for providing liquidity in this growing market. It's another form of yield farming. Click here to learn how to use Aave.


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