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How to Buy Litcoin (LTC) Safely

Step 1

You can buy Litcoin (LTC) from many exchanges. However, at the moment, Coinbase is the most popular way. The exchange is insured and has a very secure infrastructure. 

Coinbase will also give you $5 worth of free Bitcoin after signing up and verification. This doesn't include what you can earn by taking their quizzes.



Step 2

1) Create a free account using your name, email and password.

2) Coinbase will ask you to verify your address by clicking within the email that's sent to you.

3) Two-factor authentication and other privacy options can be added later.

4) To access Coinbase Earn and other opportunities, you will need to provide additional identification to ensure security. 


Step 3

1) Now that your account is set up, click where it says 'Trade' in the upper right corner.

2) A window will pop up allowing you to either buy, sell or convert a cryptocurrency. On the 'Buy' tab, choose Litcoin (LTC).

3) Where it says 'Pay with,' decide how you'll pay. You can pay with credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts.

4) After you type the amount of Litcoin you'd like to purchase, click on 'Buy Litcoin.' 


Step 4


You have now bought Litcoin (LTC) on the Coinbase exchange.

Still feeling lost? No problem. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist you!


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