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Score Passive Profits: Income Streams Through Sports Betting Arbitrage

Sports betting arbitrage, also known as "arb betting", is a method of generating guaranteed profits by exploiting price differences between bookmakers. The key is to bet on all outcomes of an event so that you earn a profit regardless of the result. With the rise of online sportsbooks, arbitrage opportunities have become more common, allowing savvy bettors to earn regular passive income.

In this post, I'll explain how you can use the website to find and execute arb bets easily using Artificial Intelligence. BitSports is an arbitrage betting platform that scans odds from 50+ bookies and identifies profitable arb opportunities. By following the simple steps below, you can leverage BitSports to generate passive income in your free time.

How does Arb Betting Work?

  • Sportsbooks often offer slightly different odds for the same event. These discrepancies create arbitrage opportunities.

  • Arbers will bet on all possible outcomes at the different sportsbooks to capitalize on the odds differences.

  • The key is staking the right amounts so that the potential payouts cover all your stakes and still make a profit.

  • As long as the arb odds calculations are done correctly, the bettor is guaranteed a profit no matter the match outcome.

  • Common arb betting scenarios are backing both teams to win, or betting the over and under on a totals bet.

  • With online sports betting, it's possible to quickly place arb bets at various books before the odds change. This allows arbers to scale up and make consistent profits.

The main appeal of arbitrage betting is that it offers profits with minimal risk as the outcome does not affect the payout. It requires no speculation or predictions to be successful. With the right tools and strategies, arbitrage trading can provide regular income streams.

Benefits and Risks

There are several advantages to using BitSports for sports arbitrage:

- Finds and displays profitable arb opportunities so you don't have to manually search

- Supports betting on 50+ bookmakers in one place

- Auto-fills optimal stakes for each bet

- Executes complete arb with one click

- No risk of losing money if done correctly

- Earn 2-15% fixed returns on capital invested per arb

However, there are some risks to consider:

- Bookmakers may limit or ban accounts doing regular arbing

- Need active funds to place bets

- Potential of placing wrong stake amounts

- Requirement to act fast before odds change

- Taxes may apply on earnings in certain countries

How to use BitSports

Step 1: Sign Up for a BitSports Account

First, go to and create a free account. The registration process is quick and easy. All you need is an email address. Once your account is activated, you can start using the arbitrage scanner and tools.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

To place bets, you'll need to deposit funds into your BitSports account. The minimum is 0.001 BTC. BitSports supports several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT. Choose the coin you wish to deposit and send funds to the provided wallet address. The money will reflect in your account within minutes.

Step 3: Find Arbitrage Bets

Now comes the fun part - finding profitable arb opportunities! Go to the Arbitrage Scanner page and you'll see a list of available arbs ordered by profitability. The higher the percentage, the more guaranteed profit there is from that bet.

Look for arbs with over 2% returns to make it worth your time and effort. You can filter by sport, league, time, exchange, profit percentage and more to narrow down opportunities.

Step 4: Place Arb Bets

When you spot a good arb bet, click on it to expand the details. You'll see the odds and prices offered at different bookmakers. To execute the arb, you need to place bets on all possible outcomes so that you make a profit regardless.

For example, if the arb is on match odds between Team A and Team B, you would bet on Team A winning at Bookie 1, Team B winning at Bookie 2, and a draw at Bookie 3 (if available). The amounts staked on each outcome should be calculated so that the total payout is more than your total stakes.

On BitSports, you can place all the required bets with a single click. The calculated stakes are pre-filled so all you have to do is confirm the bet. The arb will only execute if each bet is confirmed at the exact pre-defined stakes.

Step 5: Collect Profits

Once the event ends, you'll win one of your bets and earn a profit! BitSports will automatically calculate and credit the payouts from the winning bet into your account wallet. You can then withdraw the passive income you've generated using the cashout option.

The great thing about arbitrage betting is that it requires no sports knowledge or prediction skills. You simply capitalize on odds discrepancies for guaranteed profits every time. It's a set and forget style of passive income ideal for busy people.


Sports arbitrage provides a unique opportunity to generate regular passive income with minimal risk. BitSports makes finding and executing profitable arb bets simple and convenient. Just sign up, fund your account, utilize the scanner to identify arbs, place the bets with one-click, and collect your profits!

With arbitrage betting, your profit is determined at the time you place the bets and is unaffected by the actual match outcome. If you're looking for an easy, passive income stream that requires little time commitment, sports arbitrage might be an option worth exploring.


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