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Reviewing Books for Easy Income

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Reedsy is a platform primarily known for its services in the writing, publishing, and marketing of books. However, it offers opportunities for individuals to generate passive income by engaging in various writing-related activities. In this blog post, we will explore how you can leverage Reedsy to earn money passively.

1. Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery is a feature on that allows you to review books before they are published. Here's how you can make passive income with it:

  • Authors submit their books to Reedsy Discovery for reviews.

  • As a reviewer, you can choose books that interest you.

  • You write a thoughtful and honest review of the book.

  • You earn money for your reviews when readers purchase the book based on your recommendation.

This is an excellent way to monetize your love for reading and contribute to the literary world while making money simultaneously.

2. Writing Articles and Blog Posts also provides opportunities for writers to contribute articles and blog posts related to writing and publishing. Here's how to earn passively:

  • Write high-quality articles or blog posts on topics relevant to Reedsy's audience.

  • Submit your work to Reedsy's blog section.

  • Earn money through the platform's revenue-sharing model. You'll receive a portion of the advertising revenue generated by your content.

By consistently producing valuable content, you can build a portfolio of articles that continue to earn money as long as they attract readers.

3. Collaborate with Authors is a hub for authors seeking professional services, such as editing, book cover design, and marketing. As a writer or freelancer, you can provide these services on the platform:

  • Create a Reedsy profile showcasing your skills and services.

  • Authors looking for assistance can discover your profile and reach out to you for collaborations.

  • When you work with authors, you can set your own rates and receive compensation for your services.

This approach allows you to earn money for your writing and editing skills while helping authors bring their books to market.

4. Self-Publishing

While not entirely passive, self-publishing your books through can be a lucrative source of income. Here's how it works:

  • Write and edit your book.

  • Use Reedsy's services for formatting, cover design, and marketing, if needed.

  • Publish your book on platforms like Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and others.

  • Earn royalties from book sales.

Although self-publishing requires effort upfront, your book can continue to sell and generate income without constant active involvement. Reedsy's resources can help you streamline the self-publishing process.

5. Building an Author Platform

If you are an author, Reedsy provides a platform to build your author brand and connect with readers. Here's how it can lead to passive income:

  • Publish and promote your books through Reedsy's services.

  • Connect with readers through author pages and social media.

  • Over time, gain a following of dedicated readers.

  • Your existing and future books can generate ongoing royalties as readers discover and purchase your work.

6. Affiliate Marketing

While not a direct feature of, you can incorporate affiliate marketing into your content strategy. This allows you to promote Reedsy's services or books available on the platform and earn a commission for every successful referral. Here's how:

  • Join Reedsy's affiliate program, if available.

  • Promote Reedsy's services or books through your content.

  • Use unique affiliate links to track referrals.

  • Earn commissions for every person who signs up for Reedsy's services or purchases books through your affiliate links.

7. Passive Income Realism

It's important to set realistic expectations regarding passive income from Making substantial passive income usually requires a significant initial effort, whether in writing, book reviewing, or providing services. Additionally, the level of income can vary based on factors like the quality of your work, your online presence, and market demand.

Conclusion is a versatile platform that offers various opportunities to earn passive income in the writing and publishing industry. Whether you're passionate about reading, writing, or providing author services, Reedsy can serve as a platform to help you achieve your financial goals. Keep in mind that building passive income takes time and dedication, but Reedsy provides a supportive ecosystem for writers and creators.

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