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Rent Out Cameras and other Electronics for Passive Income

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Renting out your unused electronics is an easy way to earn extra passive income each month. Long-time, trusted platforms like ShareGrid make the process simple by connecting you with renters.

In this post, I'll provide tips on how to maximize your rental income by listing gear on ShareGrid and similar rental marketplaces.

Choose Equipment to Rent Out

The first step is selecting electronics and gear to rent out. Good options include:

  • Camera equipment - DSLR & mirrorless cameras, lenses, stabilizers, drones, etc.

  • Audio gear - Wireless kits, microphones, mixers, speakers, etc.

  • Lighting kits - LED panels, soft boxes, gels, stands, modifiers, etc.

  • Laptops & tablets - MacBooks, iPads, Surface devices

  • Gaming consoles - PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, VR headsets

  • Music equipment - PA systems, amps, instruments, MIDI gear

Stick to items in good working condition - renters expect well-maintained gear. Items under 5 years old rent best.

Pricing Your Listings

Set competitive rental rates by researching comparable listings on the platform. Price based on:

  • Age and condition of the gear

  • Original cost and depreciation

  • Demand and availability in your local market

  • Rental frequencies - weekends often command higher rates

Adjust pricing until bookings are regular but inventory isn't sitting idle. Find the optimal balance.

Creating Gear Packages

Individual items rent infrequently. Creating bundles increases bookings.

Group complementary items like:

  • Camera + lens + stabilizer

  • Laptop + audio interface + XLR kit

  • LED panel + stands + modifiers

Curate packages tailored to common production scenarios in your niche.

Handling Logistics

Streamline rental logistics by:

  • Staging items near the front door for easy pickup/dropoff

  • Scheduling ample buffer time between rentals for cleanup

  • Preparing gear kits in hard cases ready to go

  • Securing pickup/dropoff times in writing

Efficient operations let you scale your rental business.

Providing Excellent Service

Great service ensures happy repeat renters and 5 star reviews.

  • Be responsive to booking inquiries and messages

  • Greet renters warmly at pickup/dropoff

  • Handle gear with care when interacting with renters

  • Resolve any issues promptly - go above and beyond

Your reputation is crucial to ongoing bookings and income. Prioritize service.

Grow Your Rental Inventory

Reinvest rental profits into acquiring more valuable gear to list. This expands your inventory and earnings.

Some categories to look into next:

  • Pro level cinema cameras like Red Komodo, Sony FX6

  • High-end lenses - Angenieux, Cooke, Zeiss

  • Speciality camera accessories - sliders, gimbals, follow focus

  • Audio - wireless lav kits, boom poles, field recorders

  • Lighting - LED panels, Kino Flo tubes, speckled gels

The more you can rent out, the higher potential passive income. But start small and scale up gradually.

Renting out idle electronics is an easy win. With a few key gear items, you can comfortably earn a couple hundred extra dollars each month. Apply these tips and let your items make you money instead of just collecting dust!


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