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How to Plant Evergreen Youtube Videos to Generate Passive Income... Forever!

YouTube presents a tremendous opportunity to earn passive income online. Unlike blogging or selling courses, which require ongoing creation of fresh content, YouTube allows you to earn revenue indefinitely from evergreen videos.

What is an evergreen YouTube video? These are videos that continue attracting sustained viewership and driving income months or years after being published, without any further work from the creator.

In this post, I'll provide a step-by-step blueprint for researching, creating, optimizing, and promoting evergreen YouTube videos that can earn you passive income forever.

Step 1: Identify Evergreen Video Topics and Keywords

The first step is using keyword research to identify topics and keywords with strong ongoing search volume. These indicate ideas people are continually interested in and actively seeking information on via YouTube.

Some key tactics for finding evergreen video topics include:

  • Review trending search terms using Google Trends

  • Analyze suggestions from YouTube's auto-complete search feature

  • Use Google's Keyword Planner for high search volume keywords

  • Check Google's auto-suggest for related topics when typing in seed keywords

  • Search YouTube for your main keyword ideas and review suggested videos for more topics

Look for interests, hobbies, skills, and other themes that are not tied to recent events or temporary trends. For example, evergreen topics around hobbies like fishing, cooking, arts and crafts are always sought after. How-to searches around skills like car maintenance, sports techniques, and software tutorials also have enduring popularity.

Make a list of 10-20 possible evergreen video ideas and keywords to research further.

Step 2: Validate Keyword Demand on YouTube

Once you have broad topic ideas, the next step is validating actual search demand on YouTube specifically to confirm video potential.

Tools like TubeBuddy's keyword research functionality help analyze keyword viability for YouTube. Look for:

  • High monthly YouTube search volume

  • Low YouTube competition measured by total competing videos

  • Relevant traffic for your target audience

Additionally, install VidIQ's browser extension to get keyword search volume and competition data right within YouTube's interface as you research topics.

Only move forward with evergreen keyword ideas demonstrating sufficient search volume and room for new videos. Now it's time to start crafting content.

Step 3: Produce High-Quality Evergreen YouTube Videos

With your targeted keywords validated, it's time to produce videos optimized for evergreen sales potential.

Key elements for evergreen YouTube videos:

  • Helpful, educational focus - teach viewers something useful [4]

  • Entertaining style - combine information with humor, visuals, editing, and crisp pacing

  • Production quality - high-value content presented in a polished, professional way

  • Timeless guidance - avoid references to current events, trends, or moments in time

  • Comprehensive - provide reams of information covering all aspects of the topic

  • Optimized title and description - leverage keywords naturally while captivating viewers

  • Engaging thumbnail - use bold colors/imagery that grabs attention

  • Strong call-to-action - motivate viewers to like, comment, share

  • Valuable resources - share related materials through links in description

Invest time upfront in creating evergreen content that educates, entertains, provides value, and endures through the ages.

Step 4: Optimize Your Videos to Rank Well

Conduct keyword research and identify topics. Validate demand. Produce amazing evergreen videos. But don't stop there!

Optimizing your videos for discoverability is crucial to driving passive income long-term.

Optimization tips:

  • Have a keyword-optimized title, description, tags, transcript, subtitles, end screens, and metadata

  • Include links to other relevant videos in description and cards

  • Create playlists around your topic to boost watch time from each video

  • Encourage viewers to like, comment, share - signals to the algorithm

  • Share your videos on social media and relevant forums

Ensure you implement best practices for video SEO from the start so the algorithm indexes and recommends your evergreen content for more visibility.

Step 5: Continuously Promote Your Back Catalog

The work doesn't stop once your evergreen video is uploaded. In fact, ongoing promotion of your back catalog is key to driving sustained momentum.

Make it a habit to:

  • Feature older evergreen videos in new content, end screens, and cards

  • Re-promote top evergreen videos on social channels

  • Update descriptions, titles, tags to reflect evolving search patterns

  • Interlink your evergreen videos to perpetually bring in new viewers

  • Repurpose evergreen video content into new formats like shorts, podcast episodes or blog posts

Promote your greatest hits frequently. The more discoverable you make your evergreen library over time, the more repeat traffic it will earn you.

Start Earning Passive Income from YouTube Today

Creating evergreen YouTube videos is like planting a content forest that will keep your channel thriving for years. Following this blueprint will empower you to continually produce evergreen videos that pay you for months and years to come with no added effort.

YouTube presents an immense opportunity for creators given its massive audience combined with evergreen video potential. Begin your passive income journey today.

Implement these steps, keep producing high-quality evergreen video content, and you'll be earning passive income from YouTube for years to come!


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