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How to Earn Passive Income Uploading AI Generated Photos

Generative AI tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion enable anyone to create unique digital artwork and photos. These AI-generated images also present an opportunity to earn passive income through stock photo websites.

In this post I'll provide a step-by-step guide on how to leverage AI tools to create and upload photo content to wirestock for royalty earnings.

Why Upload AI Photos to Wirestock?

Wirestock is a stock photo site that lets contributors upload images and get paid royalties when they are purchased by media companies or businesses for websites, advertising, presentations and more.

They accept AI-generated images and handle licensing, payments, and protecting against copyright infringement. Uploading AI art to wirestock allows you to earn recurring passive income as people continue buying your uploaded photos over time.

Step 1 - Generate AI Images

The first step is using algorithms like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to actually create a large batch of photos through textual prompts.

These tools allow generating unlimited AI artworks and images by simply typing a descriptive prompt. Here are some tips for creating quality stock imagery with AI:

  • Focus on lifestyle categories like business, health, travel

  • Use descriptive prompts like "A happy family walking through fall woods carrying apple baskets"

  • Generate batches around themes like fitness, technology, pets

  • Vary angles, close-ups, compositions

  • Export highest resolution versions (e.g 4k)

Spend time to produce high volumes of niche AI photos segmented by themes and topics. These should all visually tell a "story" just like traditional stock images.

Step 2 - Optimize Images

Before uploading, you need to refine and optimize the AI pictures:

  • Color correct images that need better contrast, lighting

  • Crop awkward negative space

  • Remove any watermarks or text

  • Resize to appropriate web dimensions

  • Add titles, tags, descriptions to all image files

Proper editing and tagging will make your pictures stand out more during searches on Wirestock.

Step 3 - Create Your Wirestock Account

Head to Wirestock and create a free contributor account. The signup process only takes a few minutes. Make sure all your personal info and payment details are filled in to subsequently earn royalties.

Step 4 - Upload and Tag Content

With your account created, navigate to the uploader dashboard. Here you can upload your batches of AI pictures, individually add titles/descriptions, and assign tags.

Add keyword tags spanning aspects like:

  • Setting (office, outdoor, studio etc.)

  • Emotion (happy, playful, serious etc.)

  • Demographic (age, gender)

  • Objects (books, technology etc.)

Proper tagging helps surface your photos during buyer searches.

Step 5 - Manage Portfolio and Earnings Reports

Finally, continue checking back on Wirestock to upload any additional AI photos and see how your existing pictures are performing.

In the reports section you can monitor:

  • Number views

  • Specific popular photos

  • Total lifetime royalties earned.

Reinvest earnings into tools like Midjourney to level up your image generation capabilities over time!


In summary, services like Wirestock allow monetizing the unique ability of AI algorithms to automatically synthesize stock imagery. Anyone can now build passive income streams through tech-enabled generation of photos at scale. Just leverage text-to-image models to produce vast portfolios of salable stock content covering trending topics and visual styles. List them smartly on stock websites and let the royalties come rolling in!


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