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Getting Paid to Serve on Mock Juries From Home

Serving on a jury is a civic duty many of us will be called upon at some point to fulfill. But did you know you can also get paid just to act as a mock juror for lawyers remotely?

As more legal teams turn to online mock jury services to test their case strategies before heading to trial, opportunities are growing for regular people to earn extra cash sharing their opinions on real cases from home.

In this post, we’ll break down exactly how online mock juries work and the key steps to start making money as an e-juror.

An Inside Look at Mock Juries

Mock juries, also called shadow juries, involve reviewing a legal case and providing feedback as if you were an actual juror. This helps lawyers refine their arguments, presentation style, and overall case strategy.

Lawyers will send you a summary of the basic facts and disputes involved in the case they are preparing for. This typically includes things like:

  • Background on the plaintiff and defendant

  • Chronology of key events

  • Evidence on both sides like documents, testimony, expert analysis

  • Arguments being made by the prosecution/plaintiff and defense

As a mock juror, your role is to carefully review all the details and materials as if it were a real trial. Then you’ll be asked to provide your impartial verdict on how you would rule in the case based on the info presented.

Often mock jury participation may involve multiple sessions spread over days or weeks. As the lawyer’s case progresses, they may send updated evidence and arguments for you to consider and provide feedback on.

For more complex cases, you may also get the chance to ask questions or request clarification on elements you feel are unclear. This allows the legal team to recognize any gaps in their case presentation.

In return for your time and thoughtful feedback, you’ll receive payment, usually in the range of $50-200 depending on the case length and complexity. Not a bad hourly rate for simply sharing your opinion!

Top Platforms to Find Online Jury Opportunities

So where exactly can you find and sign up for mock jury work? There are a growing number of online platforms and companies that virtually connect participants to lawyers looking for e-jury feedback:

OnlineVerdict - One of the most popular mock jury services with cases spanning different practice areas and a large roster of legal clients.

eJury - A long-standing online jury platform focused specifically on patent and IP cases for tech companies and law firms.

JuryTest - Aiming to provide more representative jury feedback through broader outreach and participant screening.

TrialJuris - Specializing in mock juries for business and civil disputes like breach of contract, liability, and employment matters.

These platforms and others like them handle advertiser outreach, mock juror recruitment, case assignments, and payment logistics. As a participant, you simply need to create a profile indicating your background and demographics, then start receiving case details electronically to review and weigh in on.

How to Be an Effective Mock Juror

To get the most out of the experience, here are some tips for being an engaged, helpful mock juror:

  • Take it seriously - Provide thoughtful, impartial feedback as you would if actually empaneled on a jury. Set aside any biases or preconceived notions about the case details.

  • Ask clarifying questions - If any aspect of the case summary or evidence seems unclear, request additional info from the lawyer. Surface gaps in case comprehension.

  • Be responsive - Reply in a timely manner to any follow-up questions or additional materials sent by the legal team. Failing to participate could negatively impact your eligibility.

  • Notify of availability changes - If you can no longer take part due to personal circumstances, promptly inform the platform so a replacement can be found.

  • Complete prep materials - For some cases, you may receive templates, questionnaires or expert analyses to review before providing your verdict.

The more diligent and engaged you are in the mock jury process, the more lawyers will value your contributions to refining their trial strategy.

Sign Up to Start Earning as an Online Juror

Acting as mock juror requires no specific legal expertise or background. You just need an impartial perspective, attention to detail, and time to review case specifics. It provides a flexible way to earn extra money from home.

Head to platforms like OnlineVerdict, eJury, JuryTest and TrialJuris to create your juror profile and start receiving case assignments. The only limit is how many you have bandwidth to participate in!

With the rise of virtual mock juries, sharing your legal opinion is now a legitimate side hustle. So why not sign up and start weighing in on real disputes, all while padding your wallet? You’ll gain new perspective into the judicial process while helping lawyers fine-tune their courtroom approach.


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