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A $5 Million Dollar Newsletter Empire

Launching a hugely successful business from your bedroom may seem impossible, but Justin Welsh has proven it can be done with the right execution. His newsletter venture called Saturday Solopreneur has scaled to over $5 million in revenue since he started it solo back in 2019.

The Beginning

The platform and community started out as Justin's personal passion project while working a 9-to-5 corporate job. What began as email tips and encouragement for fellow “solopreneurs” quickly accumulated a loyal readership.

Within 8 months, Saturday Solopreneur had already generated 6-figures solely from partnerships with email marketing tools. This allowed Justin to quit his job and focus entirely on serving his fast-growing newsletter subscriber base.

Still a One-Person Business

Remarkably, over 3 years later, it still remains a one-person business. Despite ballooning to 500,000+ subscribers and $5 million in total revenue, Justin continues running all of Saturday Solopreneur independently. His DIY ethos of a bootstrapped founder appears to be intact.

According to his website and LinkedIn profile, Saturday Solopreneur now earns multi-seven-figures yearly, with extremely healthy profit margins around 92%. This allows Justin to operate the business fully remote while funding the digital nomad lifestyle he had always envisioned for himself.

The runaway success of Saturday Solopreneur spotlights how a well-executed, hyper-focused niche newsletter can successfully support a solopreneur. With quality delivery and relentless grinding, Justin built his own personal media empire and brand serving online entrepreneurs worldwide.

His journey dispels limiting beliefs around business scalability from your childhood bedroom. With genuine value delivery to an underserved niche, a one-person founder can still build a hugely profitable publishing venture right from home.

The Saturday Solopreneur story should motivate fellow solopreneurs that their own side hustle or online business can make the leap to million-dollar media outfit. Like Justin Welsh proved, the potential remains boundless for even bootstrapped passion projects to create game-changing income.


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