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50 Passive Income Ideas Using the New GPT Builder Platform on ChatGPT Plus

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

The GPT builder platform is a mind-blowing new service from OpenAI that allows ChatGPT Plus subscribers and enterprise customers to create their own customizable chatbots, or GPTs, without any coding skills. These GPTs can handle various use cases and scenarios, such as offering business advice, teaching math, or generating images. Users can also upload their own data and connect their GPTs to external services like Canva and Zapier.

The GPT Builder platform also features a GPT Store, where users can access and monetize GPTs created by verified builders. This makes it a great platform for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to create and sell chatbots that can help them automate tasks, improve customer service, and increase sales.

Here’s 50 ideas for GPTs that can generate passive income:

  1. A GPT that writes catchy headlines and slogans for online marketing campaigns.

  2. A GPT that generates personalized travel itineraries and recommendations based on user preferences and budget.

  3. A GPT that creates unique and engaging content for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

  4. A GPT that offers fitness and nutrition advice and plans based on user goals and lifestyle.

  5. A GPT that designs logos, flyers, and posters for small businesses and events.

  6. A GPT that composes original music and lyrics for various genres and moods.

  7. A GPT that provides resume and cover letter writing services and tips for job seekers.

  8. A GPT that reviews and summarizes books, movies, and podcasts for busy readers and listeners.

  9. A GPT that generates trivia questions and answers for quizzes and games.

  10. A GPT that creates fun and educational games and activities for kids and parents.

  11. A GPT that offers astrology and tarot readings and insights for curious users.

  12. A GPT that produces realistic and flattering portraits and caricatures of people and animals.

  13. A GPT that writes personalized and humorous greeting cards and messages for various occasions.

  14. A GPT that transcribes audio and video files into text and subtitles.

  15. A GPT that translates text and speech between different languages and dialects.

  16. A GPT that edits and proofreads text and documents for grammar, spelling, and style.

  17. A GPT that generates recipes and shopping lists based on user preferences and dietary restrictions.

  18. A GPT that creates custom playlists and mixes based on user mood and taste.

  19. A GPT that writes short stories and poems based on user prompts and genres.

  20. A GPT that offers fashion and beauty advice and suggestions based on user style and preferences.

  21. A GPT that creates crossword puzzles and word games based on user topics and difficulty levels.

  22. A GPT that generates captions and hashtags for photos and videos.

  23. A GPT that writes product descriptions and reviews for e-commerce sites and platforms.

  24. A GPT that creates memes and jokes based on user input and trends.

  25. A GPT that offers meditation and relaxation guidance and techniques for stressed users.

  26. A GPT that generates slogans and names for brands, products, and services.

  27. A GPT that creates infographics and charts based on user data and information.

  28. A GPT that writes blog posts and articles based on user keywords and topics.

  29. A GPT that offers dating and relationship advice and tips for lonely users.

  30. A GPT that creates mock interviews and questions for job applicants and employers.

  31. A GPT that generates invoices and receipts based on user transactions and details.

  32. A GPT that creates surveys and polls based on user objectives and audiences.

  33. A GPT that writes speeches and presentations based on user themes and purposes.

  34. A GPT that offers homework and tutoring help and solutions for students and teachers.

  35. A GPT that creates riddles and brain teasers based on user interests and skills.

  36. A GPT that generates coupons and discounts based on user purchases and preferences.

  37. A GPT that creates wallpapers and backgrounds based on user devices and themes.

  38. A GPT that writes biographies and profiles based on user information and achievements.

  39. A GPT that offers pet care and training advice and tips for animal lovers.

  40. A GPT that creates calendars and schedules based on user events and tasks.

  41. A GPT that generates horoscopes and predictions based on user birth date and sign.

  42. A GPT that creates stickers and emojis based on user expressions and emotions.

  43. A GPT that writes rap and hip hop lyrics based on user words and beats.

  44. A GPT that offers gardening and landscaping advice and ideas for green users.

  45. A GPT that creates puzzles and jigsaw games based on user images and difficulty levels.

  46. A GPT that writes fan fiction and parodies based on user fandoms and characters.

  47. A GPT that offers home improvement and DIY advice and projects for handy users.

  48. A GPT that creates quizzes and tests based on user subjects and levels.

  49. A GPT that generates compliments and affirmations based on user names and personalities.

  50. A GPT that creates crossword puzzles and word games based on user topics and difficulty levels.


The new GPT builder platform from OpenAI is a game-changer for ChatGPT Plus subscribers and enterprise customers who want to create their own chatbots, or GPTs, without any coding skills. With the GPT builder platform, users can customize their GPTs to handle various use cases and scenarios, upload their own data, and connect their GPTs to external services. Users can also access and monetize GPTs created by verified builders in the GPT Store. The possibilities are endless with the GPT builder platform, as users can create GPTs that can make passive income by offering valuable services and products to their target audiences. The GPT builder platform is the future of chatbot creation and innovation, and you can be a part of it.


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